Sweet Cinderella

Or, the Bitter Heiress variation.

A couple of weeks ago, I made actual Bitter Heiresses for brunch with friends. (What is the point of a long weekend if you can’t eat bacon and drink alcohol on a Sunday morning?) This week, making scalloped potatoes for dinner — fat is calming– I looked in the fridge and pondered an aperitif.

There was Lillet Blanc in the fridge, and an assortment of bottles on the counter, including Aperol and Campari.

No orange juice though, and no oranges, either (when I made these for brunch, I used fresh-squeezed juice that my wrists are still recovering from), and I didn’t want a Negroni. So, the cheap and cheerful Heiress variation:

3 ounces Lillet Blanc
Splash Campari
Tonic Water
Lime wedge

Pour Lillet over ice; add a healthy splash of Campari. Stir until chilled. Add tonic water, squeeze in lime and rub the peel on the rim of the glass. Voila: cocktail aperitif for a weeknight, that will not interfere with your ability to work in the kitchen.


I’ll Take Manhattan

Not that Manhattan; the kind you have *after* you cross this bridge.

The falernum Manhattan? Who knew how delicious it could be? Well, I do, now.

Food and Wine gives a pretty general recipe, but here’s what I found most delicious:

2 ounces Sazerac Rye
1 ounce Falernum
1 dash Fee Brothers aromatic bitters

Combine ingredients with ice in an old fashioned glass; stir until well chilled (30 to 60 seconds). Slice a lime wedge; hold skin-down over the drink and bend to release oil and rub on glass rim. A quick squeeze of lime juice and wedge garnish optional.

Consume while polishing a Blade Runner blaster or sewing a bonnet.



Two years ago, Tipsy Milliner was invented as an alter ego to Kitty Calash, but Kitty found a way to say what she wanted to, and the Tipsy Milliner languished in blog limbo.


But wait! Kitty’s got a new bag: cocktails. It started simply enough, making punch for His Excellency, but as time has gone on, Kitty’s taken a renewed interest in cocktails- they’re like miniature punch recipes, served in a glass or two at a time– and in the history of cocktails and liquor. So Tipsy Milliner is back, to talk about cocktails, share recipes, and probably wear some pretty awesome hats.

Join us weekly for a brief history of a cocktail, a recipe and a review.

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